New Year, New You? While that might not entail a whole new wardrobe, it's easy to update with a sleek new shot or a statement handbag—even if that statement happens to be teeny tiny. From the belt bags that are here to stay, to an It bag ressurection these are the bag trends to kick off your 2019 in style.


1 Itsy Bitsy

Get ready to pair down your essentials, because bags are going mico-mini. You'll be lucky if you can fit your iPhone XS inside.

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3 Rat-tat-ttan

While basket bags aren't necessarily knew, this Brazilian brand mixes rattan with vibrant acrylic panels for a fresh take on this ubiquitous style.

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Wai Wai
5 Make It Clear

The see-through trend shows no signs of stopping. With Staud's Shirley bag coming in new colors every season, you'll want to collect them all.

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7 Box It Up

The box bag is taking on cooler new shapes, like this vintage-inspired tote.

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9 No Time to Waist

What was once a relic of the '80s and '90s came back strong as 2018's hottest accessory trend. You'll relish in being hands-free this season.

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324 NY bag, $495,


11 On the Fringe

The tassel bag isn't just for vacation—add some swish to your look with this season's ultimate bohemian accessory.

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Cult Gaia
13 The Return of the Baguette

This year it was the return of the Dior saddle bag, but we're predicting the Fendi baguette to be the next for It girl resurrection.